Converting a Carport into a Garage

Published: 07th August 2009
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Converting a carport into a garage

Carports are the latest addition to the variety of space saving utility areas that has sprung up in recent past, due to the space constraints as well as the feeling to utilize space to the maximum, due to the price tag attached to space. Garages and carports are two spaces that are often confused as they serve more or less the same purpose. Garages on the other hand, are more conservative, take more space and are a thing of the past. A garage also serves the same purpose, parking and sheltering your vehicles, mainly cars. Carports are temporary shelters and can be shifted as per requirement, where as garages are permanent structures and are part of the house.

Of late there have been more of carports than garages, as space has become a premium and nobody wants to waste space in the name of a garage. If you plan to convert your carport into a garage, there are certain issues that you need to take care and plan well. Look at your carport and see if it is strong enough. If not, refurbish and then do the conversion. Normally, when you build a garage as an extension of the house, one side of the garage is taken care of by the house wall. Look at the carport and then decide as to how many walls you shall need to construct. Insulation for walls as well as for ceilings has to be planned for. If you are not too good at construction and related works, it will be better to engage a contractor to get this done, as you shall only need to give him the plan and allow him to execute the project. This way, you shall not have the headache of arranging for materials, manpower and execution.

Once this is done, it is time to plan for the security aspect as well other features that should be available in the garage. Metal door, with locks, wheels and tracks are the best options to secure your vehicles inside the garage. If possible, you could also build a ramp inside so that you can take care of minor repairs to your car inside your own garage. Good floor with a good grip is important as garages can have oil spills and this can lead to accidents. Other amenities like cabinets for storing lubricants and cleaning materials, electrical plug points to cater to any electrical requirements as well as tap to take care of cleaning of the vehicle should be installed. These steps can ensure that you convert your carport into a useful garage, one that can not only protect your vehicle but also serve as a good technical back up.

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